Postal Address:

255 Heywood Road, Bury, M25 2QP, Manchester / UK

About Shantay

Shantay has found a way to successfully combine her studies with tutoring for a number of years. She is currently studying a BA in Biomedical Science and wishes to progress to become a heart surgeon. Her decision to undertake two separate degrees in both Biomedical Science and Medicine was primarily driven by her love and passion for education, something she wishes to influence in her students. She tutors from KS3 to A-Level in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. Shantay scuba dives in her spare time, collecting the micro-plastics that contaminate our oceans, to improve the quality of life for the oceanic-creatures and ultimately ourselves.

Here’s what she has to say:

“My educational journey will take multiple years which I believe teaches me the academic resilience I wish to instil in my students. Tutoring allows me to expand the minds of students to aid them in the pursuit of their personal, academic and professional goals. I believe a strong education is paramount, something that should be accessible to all students. Unfortunately this is not always the case. I deliver my students with a tailored, individualised experience to allow them to achieve at their maximum potential. I offer a unique approach to learning, something I hope my students will find refreshing and interesting. My ultimate goal is to change the perspective my students have towards education, influencing a genuine interest for learning they will never part with.”