The effects of COVID-19 on our children's education

As we all know, Omicron is rapidly spreading from person to person across the UK.

One of the main concerns surrounding the spread has been the reopening of schools with many ‘bubbles’ being abolished resulting in almost no social distancing. This has led to teachers and pupils catching Covid at an alarming rate, meaning schools having no choice but to send supply staff in to cover lessons or move to online learning due to staff shortages. Because of this, student’s grades have been making little improvement, especially in core subjects. With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that parents are becoming concerned and taking full advantage of tuition services to better their child’s future.

Many of the parents that have chosen Step Forward Tuition have already seen improvements in their grades with students in some cases jumping 2 grade boundaries since September. Our pass rate in 2021 was 100% (for students that attended for 3 months or more) and in the same year, the average grades in science was grade 7, higher maths was grade 8, grade 5 in foundation maths and grade 6 in English language and literature. Moreover, students jumped 3.5 grade boundaries across all subjects.

Students are playing catch up and it is now more than ever they need support from extra tuition.