GCSE Advanced information

The DFE announced in October 2021 that changes would be made to exams because of COVID-19. Schools worldwide have noticed serious changes to student’s grades with them being much lower than anticipated. Some students studied, some students didn’t, and some students did somewhere in between!

We welcome the changes, to allow for the lost learning that students have endured. Not only does it take the pressure of students, but also teachers and tutors that are trying to cram the whole syllabus into half the time.

On 7th February advanced information has been published for all exam boards in most subjects. have Below are the links for students/parents to find out more information to best help your child at home. Please ensure you press the correct exam board.

In summary, exams will be as follows:

  • Optional topic and content in GCSE English Literature, History, Ancient History and Geography. They will change how they assess these subjects too.
  • Centres like Step Forward Tuition will be allowed to deliver practical work in GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Geology and Astronomy, AS Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology, and AS and A-Level environmental science by demonstration. They’re encouraging centres to do hands on practical’s where they can.
  • Centres like ours will be allowed to assess the common practical assessment criteria across the minimum number of practical activities where the student will demonstrate their competence.
  • Students taking GCSE, AS and A level art and design will be assessed on their portfolio only.
  • Exam boards will provide advance info about the focus of the content of the exams for all GCSEs.
  • They will support children’s revision.
  • Students will be given a formulae sheet for GCSE math in summer 2022.
  • Students will be also given a revised equation sheet for GCSE Physics and Combined Science in Summer 2022.

We will now be able to ensure that sessions are tailored specifically to the new released information.

Maths Foundation and Higher (Edexcel)

Maths Foundation and Higher (AQA)

Maths Foundation and Higher (OCR)

Science combined

Science Triple Physics (Edexcel)

Science Triple Chemistry (Edexcel)

Science Triple Biology (Edexcel)

English Language (AQA)

English Literature (AQA)

A-level biology (AQA)

A-level Chemistry (AQA)